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Training Staff

Patrick is a professional pilot with over 13,000 hours of flight time. As a Canadian military pilot he flew maritime flight operations in both the Tracker and Aurora patrol aircraft. After leaving the military, he flew internationally for a number of major airlines and is presently flying the A320 Airbus for Air Canada.


In addition to his CRM skills, Pat has a detailed knowledge of over-water flight operations which is complemented by his experience in aircraft ditching, sea, land and arctic survival training.

John is a qualified instructor and professional pilot who has been flying since 1976 in both the Canadian military and civil aviation industry. John has over 12,000 hours flying experience and holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.  In addition to his vast experience in over-water flight operations, he is also a certified SCUBA diver.


John’s extensive involvement in aircraft ditching and sea survival training started over 30 years ago when he was a Seaking Helicopter Crew Commander flying for the Canadian Navy. As a designated Flight Safety Officer, he took part in preparing and delivering this type of training to military flight crew and later to civilian flight crew and passengers.


After completing his service with the military, he was an S76 Captain and Company Aviation Safety Officer for a helicopter commuter airline. John also attended the University of Southern California where he was awarded a Certificate in Aviation Safety. He then accepted a position with Transport Canada as a Regional Aviation Safety Officer using his experience and expertise to promote and deliver safety programs and presentations to the civil aviation industry.


After a tour flying for the Canadian Coast Guard, John, in addition to being our Chief Instructor, presently flies offshore aerial surveillance missions for Canada’s National Aerial Surveillance Program.


John Heiler, Chief Instructor

Jackie is our Underwater Egress and Sea Survival Instructor and assists in Crew Resource Management (CRM) training.  In addition to her previous experience as a lifeguard, she's also a glider and fixed-wing pilot.


Formerly a court stenographer with an honours diploma in Business Administration Management, Jackie has been managing the administration and general operation of our company since our inception in 1997.

Captain Patrick Herman, Instructor

Jackie Heiler, Instructor 

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We are committed to providing quality interactive safety training to increase and promote awareness of aviation safety.



Our vision is to continue providing proactive aviation safety training to reduce the risk of incidents, minimize injuries and enhance survival.

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Les Newman, SCUBA Dive Instructor


Les is our Emergency Underwater Breathing Apparatus (EUBA) Instructor.  In this role he prepares students for the safe deployment and use of EUBA systems which they have available to use in the event of an in-water emergency.  


He is a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Course Director, the highest level instructor rating offered. In addition to teaching the full range of recreational PADI scuba courses, he is a PADI Instructor Trainer as well as an Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer.


Les has been Pro Aviation's EUBA Instructor since 2011.


Nick has been flying since 2000 in both civil and military aviation. He is presently a SAR (Search and Rescue) Aircraft Commander, Instructor Pilot, and Maintenance Test Pilot on the C130 Hercules in the Canadian Military. He also promotes Flight Safety as the Squadron Flight Safety Officer and as a Facilitator for Human Performance in Military Aviation (CRM) training.


In addition to countless SAR, resupply and various wide-ranging operational missions, he has been officially recognized by both the Canadian Military and the United States Coast Guard for several notable rescue missions. Nick has completed a 7 month tour in Afghanistan and continues to fly internationally and work extensively in low level over water searches and on collaborative searches with the USCG.


Nick is an assistant instructor and contributes his expertise and experience to our course development and delivery.

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Captain Nick Heiler, Instructor