What our customers say:  a sampling of the many unsolicited testimonials we receive ....

"It was a pleasure to meet you and John. You are both are doing a wonderful service to the people you train."
Kim - June 4, 2009




"FYI, we have referenced Pro Aviation Safety on our new updated PFC website. Scroll down to the "Underwater Egress and Sea Survival" seminar and you will will find the link. Due to the fabulous reviews from the participants, this will be a regular PFC offering. If you want to refer to PFC as a totally satisfied customer, please feel free to do so.

Thanks for sending the pictures and videos of the training session!"

Pete - June 27, 2011




"You and John put on a great course and are a pleasure to deal with. Everyone had excellent reviews and took the training to heart. We'll do it again."

Paul - May 11, 2011




"Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you guys for the outstanding training you have provided me. I look forward to my next training with pro-aviation. I have recommended you already to 2 more guys here in Alberta."

Adel - May 29, 2009




 "I can't say enough about the teaching process you use in this program. Outstanding! I will be putting this story on my Facebook page and do some Blogging on it.  It appears more folks could be exposed to the program you are teaching.

Once again, thanks for the most valuable lessons, both technically and personally."

Ken - July 18, 2011




"Good morning, just thought to send you a quick note to say thanks again for the course in Langley , I flew to Comox with my wife last week and just wanted to let you know the life jackets were around our waists (for the first time) they are usually on the back seat .....but that will never happen again (on the back seat that is), say hello to John and I am still trying to talk others into the course" ...Lorence - May 25, 2006




RE: Helicopter Ditching training for Coast Guard - Victoria - Nov 1 & 2

"Thank you Jackie - this is always a popular course and had excellent reviews again this year."

Lorraine - November 8, 2005


"Thank you so much for your assistance with our Training Week. I heard great praise about your training."

Mary - November 9, 2005




"I've spoken to everyone who attended the course, and all thought it very worthwhile. There has a lot of discussion amongst the staff in the last week on the topics covered. Glad that we finally got to do it."

Ian - November 9, 2006




"Hello Sharri: I went to the HUETcourse  the 17 of Aug 2008 and it  was excellent for your records. Helpful information in the theoretical and practise parts. No pressure and a lot of patience of the instructors make and enjoyable course."
Francisco - August 25, 2008




"I just wanted to get back to you to let you know how much I enjoyed your course. The information, the practices and the thoughtful and reliable preparation and "postparation" really impressed me. Thanks again and I am spreading the word!"

Neela - May 23, 2006




"Just wanted to let you know I thought your course was very well done. The morning theory portion was excellent and did a really good job linking general safety requirements to the egress training." 

Tim - November 17, 2008




"I just wanted to tell you and Jackie thank you for providing our crews with the Aircraft Ditching and Underwater Egress training last month.  As usual, not only was it a very educational course but enjoyable as well.


I want to make sure that you know my full appreciation of your system and admiration for the work you are and have been doing.  The expertise with which you and your staff conduct these courses is the very reason we look forward to sending our people to you."


Frank L. Swisher,

Chief Pilot, Erickson Air-Crane - April 10, 2007




"Thank you for your course "Aircraft Ditching, Underwater Egress and Sea Survival". I meant it when I said it was the best course I have ever taken, in the sense that it absolutely will save my life if I ever find myself in that situation.

You made the point very effectively that we must take whatever responsibility we can for our own safety, and also that we are only good at what we prepare for and practice. I talked to my wife for an hour about it when I got home, and a firefighter friend of mine immediately said, "Can I take that course?"

The teamwork you both demonstrated in the pool was precise and practiced. Your wealth of real examples and extensive actual experience supported everything you said.

I will take the course again and will recommend it to any of my friends who are exposed to flight over water."

Best Regards,

Gordon Ross, CFA - September 15, 2011




"I attended your High Prairie course last spring. I was really impressed with the course itself and have promoted it widely within our division. I was particularly pleased that, the ditching portion aside, the whole course was a very thorough safety briefing, as these are often very short and succinct in the field. On reflection, the one tip emphasized by yourself that resonates with me now, is the 'brace' position. This position has never been demonstrated to me in a safety briefing before your course. I was in a cessna 337 skymaster that went down while doing wildlife surveys on August 17, 2008. The last thing I remember before waking up in the plane was going into the brace position at a very low altitude. From what I understand the plane rolled several times, striking various snags and trees that were in the wetland where we went down, one wing was completely sheared off, the fuselage folded into 2, and my door came off. I suffered a badly broken wrist and lacerated elbow, as well as other serious injuries. The pilot succumbed. I mention the arm injuries because I expect that it would have been my head otherwise, and I can't imagine that my limbs would still be attached if they had been free to flail outside the aircraft during the impact. I was severely injured and would not have been able to egress if we had come to rest in water (and it is a miracle that my body was above water) but I credit the 'brace position' with my survival. So thanks very much for that!"

All the best,

Mike Russell -March 13, 2009




"I just wanted to pass along a note of thanks and appreciation. The course on Monday was both enlightening and fun. I would certainly recommend it to ANYONE who fly's. I know that Brian and I went away with a new found confidence with respect to each of our respective reaction to overwhelming moisture. Again, thank you both and continued success."

( Identifying my exit)
Murray A Titus Jr.

Flight Camera Operator,

CTV Chopper 9 - March 21, 2005




"I just wanted to thank you again for the great experience. It is an experience that, although I hope I never need to use it, is an invaluable tool for working in these environments. Having worked at a marine and offshore safety training institute, I understand and appreciate the importance of such programs, and recommend them to everyone. The experience and professionalism of Pro Aviation will be a definite recommendation of mine."

Mike - November 8, 2006



"Thanks so much for a great day! Quite an eye opener.Your training methods are very effective, So much so I'm sure I'll
retain a memory of every detail of the day (including Johns request for someone to give notice of 10 minutes passing I'm confident that in a real situation, (next to that of my wife & daughters) this training will be the first thought to enter my head, providing some very valuable "tools".
I'll probably need a plastic surgeon to remove the smile from my face after today.Thanks again!"

Jim Van Emmerik - October 4, 2010




"Hi to you both.  Just wanted to write and say thank you both very much for the excellent day learning about aircraft ditching and sea survival.  You guys were great.  The class work beforehand was very well done, interacting videos and talks.  The pool work gave me a much better understanding of what to expect should this event ever occur.  I would recommend your course to anyone wishing to fly float planes or indeed back and forth to the Island from the Lower Mainland.  Keep up the good work"

Eugene Maguire - June 29, 2011




"Thanks so much to you & John for drowning our guys last week. The response has been absolutely superb! From a business point of view, no company has a problem spending money so long as you feel you are getting good value, and we sure did here. I plan to get all of lads to do your course as they rotate through YVR.

Thanks again,"
Jerry - October 31, 2006




"I thought you might be interested in Bobs comments on your class.  It was a great experience for him....What a great class! I felt the morning section was very organized and well presented with several examples to cite as well as some of the background of each. Gave credibility to the possibility of such a rapid onset emergency and how critical it would be for a very rapid egress. Also liked the examples of the learned behaviors that people fell back on even when faced with and an emergency and possible drowning such as the method of removing ones seatbelt. Train the way you want to respond! The afternoon pool session was very fun also. I personally greatly dislike getting water up my nose as well as opening my eyes underwater. I did the first evolution wearing goggles (I used to roll kayaks wearing goggles) so was quite comfortable being upside down in the chair with the belt on, but even so, was a little disoriented getting out. Definitely something you can train for though. The subsequent evolutions I opted out of the goggles and just went for it. I plugged my nose during the initial roll until things stabilized then did my evacuation by feel. That made it pretty easy by the time the blackout glasses came around as I had been doing that already. I would not like to have to do this exercise in cold water as the cold shock would be a game changer for sure and not in a good way. I would hazard to guess that that's what would take out the majority of accident victims that were not incapacitated in the initial crash. I know Mustang makes a flight grade constant wear immersion/surface swimmers suit and now I have a better idea why. With a helmet on and a suit like that it would limit the shock and hedge the bets to at least make it out of the machine. 


Thank you again for the opportunity for this course. I got a lot more out of it than I initially expected. Both from a tolerance standpoint as well as now having some perspective as to the issues of an egress from any underwater platform without the use of an auxiliary breathing method."

Bob -December 7, 2012




"Just wanted to thank-you for an excellent course and accommodating my time schedule concerns.

Being my first experience, it better than met my expectations.

Thanks to you and our Helijet Leadership, I am delighted to have another tool to equip my efforts in serving this industry.

Sincerely, thanks again."

Kim -Helijet Charters - May 11, 2009




"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very, very much for the great course.  Both you and your husband are so knowledgeable, but more than make a very interesting course, holding everyone's attention and most of all you are both very kind.  As you knew, I was thrown at this course not knowing what to expect...the next thing I knew I was feeling ever so comfortable with my instructors.  You remembered all our names (how the heck you did that I don't know), but anticipated those of us who were really nervous

I have to tell you this story...I was leaving the pool and on my way home and thought to myself...god, I have not felt this "ALIVE" for so long.  At 54 I have not tested myself for so many guys made me feel like I was really alive and respectful of life and I thank you for that!  I showed my husband the pictures you sent and he was so amazed about the course and what we all did.  He was proud of me to do it and respectful of how you and your husband looked after us while we were under water.  I would like for him and my 23 year old son to take the course because they fly too and it would give them the knowledge to try to remain calm and know their steps on how to egress a really shitty condition. 

Anyhow Jackie...bottom and your husband are wonderful and I thank you both ever so much for the time spent with you and the knowledge you gave me."

Cathie Hunter - May 4, 2011