DBC Marine Safety Systems Ltd  - Supplier aviation life vests and life rafts.

Transport Canada System Safety - Aviation safety information and regulations

System Safety Services - Dedicated to assisting companies to operate safer by reducing human error.

PEP/CASARA - Provincial Emergency Program / Civil Aviation Search and Rescue Association

The Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, or CASARA, is a Canada-wide volunteer aviation association dedicated to the promotion of Aviation Safety, and to the provision of air search support services to the National Search and Rescue Program.

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FitzWright Survival Inc - Supplier aviation life vests, life rafts, survival equipment. 


Floatplane Operators Association - Our mandate is to establish best practices, together with a consistent culture of safety across the industry.

Transport Canada - information on flying on board seaplanes / floatplanes.

Aqua Lung Canada    Aqua Lung is the world's largest supplier of Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) used for helicopter underwater egress by aircrew and passengers. In addition the Aqua Lung Group, lead by our aviation division – Aerial Machine & Tool Corp –manufactures a complete line of life preservers & survival vests specifically designed for the military and public safety aviation community.