Personal Experiences

 Can You Survive In The Water?

 by Dave Fitzpatrick


First published in The Aviation News & Trader, April 2000


…. “This course was very enjoyable and informative and has changed my outlook on how I will conduct future flights over water. The most important thing that I learned was how uninformed most of us are about this subject and how poorly prepared we are to face the possibility of water escape and survival.” …..


 True Underwater Egress Story

  by  Mark Batten


 …..“The aircraft was just becoming airborne after a normal take-off run when it began to roll to the right. I was unable to counteract the roll, and the right wing tip struck the water, causing us to strike the water nose-first and eventually come to rest in an inverted floating position. I was amazed how quickly I found myself underwater struggling to escape.”…..

Do You Know How To Exit A Plane Underwater?

by Tina Couillard


First published in TimberWest News February 21, 2001


…. “The escape training is designed to train passengers in underwater egress in the event of an aircraft sinking or rolling upside-down”, says Tina. ….

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 Swimming Lessons For A Chopper Crew

 by Troy Rudy


First published in Blue Line, Canada’s National Law Enforcement

Magazine, June-July 2004


…. “I gasped for one last breath of air mere seconds before the helicopter turned upside down and crashed into the cold water. In the darkness I fumbled for the latch to open the door as I hung suspended upside down from my seat belt.” ….


“I participated in the aircraft ditching course as part of a Weather Network story I was working on and it was unlike anything I’d ever done in my line of work.

I spend a lot of time in helicopters and small planes and before the course would have had little idea what to do if the aircraft ended up in the water.

The Pro Aviation Safety course gave me the necessary hands-on training, knowledge and confidence to get out alive.


Thanks Jackie and John for a truly memorable experience!”


Oga Nwobosi

Reporter, The Weather Network

“Well taught, easy to understand and fun! I hope I never need to use what I learned.”


David Kincaid

Sr. Reporter, Global News