Emergency Underwater Breathing Apparatus (EUBA)

For those involved in helicopter offshore operations over Canadian waters, the Canadian Aviation Regulations now state that each person on board be provided with and trained on a EUBA.

Why use EUBA


In addition to the Transportation Safety Board, many studies and reviews support and encourage the use of EUBA to save lives. For many reasons, escape from a submerged aircraft may take longer than the time that a victim can be expected to hold his/her breath – especially if the water is cold.

Also, experience has shown that a UEBA can have a calming effect on victims undertaking underwater escape giving them time to think. Individuals suffering excessive levels of anxiety are also most likely to rush the egress process and forget or fail to correctly carry out actions such as the release of a harness. Again, EUBA is likely to be a benefit in such situations.

What is EUBA


EUBA (Emergency Underwater Breathing Apparatus) is a compressed air emergency breathing device designed to be deployed and used by pilots, crewmembers and passengers to enhance their survivability in the event of a ditching.


Course content


Participants will receive classroom theory on the EUBA followed by practical pool training that simulates the evacuation of an aircraft that has overturned or is sinking after a ditching. The course will cover the following topics:

*  Equipment description and operating principles

*  Pre and post flight equipment inspection

*  Emergency deployment of the EUBA

*  Limitations and malfunctions

*  Safety precautions and hazards

Training Objective


The objective of this training is to provide the participant with the knowledge, understanding and skill to safely deploy and use the EUBA to assist them to successfully egress a ditched helicopter or aeroplane and also highlight the limitations and potential hazards associated with the use of compressed air emergency breathing systems.



This EUBA training satisfies the requirements of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 602.66(1)(c) for offshore helicopter flight operations.


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