Aircraft Egress / Helicopter (HUET)Course

This course is designed for pilots and passengers whether you’re flying commercial, general aviation or offshore helicopters.

Course Outline:

Classroom Presentation (3.5 hours)




Pool Exercises (2-3 hours)




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Upon successful completion, participants receive training records and completion certificates.


Schedule and Tuition Rates

Our comprehensive program combines classroom instruction with "hands-on" practical experience.  The curriculum teaches how to cope with the physical and psychological stress incurred in an underwater egress situation.

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Our Aircraft Egress / HUET (Helicopter Underwater Egress Trainer) is specially designed for realistic simulations and our operation is completely portable for on-site training.


EUBA (Emergency Underwater Breathing Apparatus) Training is also available.  (also known as HEED, EBS, HUEBA)  Please click here for more details

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