Floatplane Operators Association Article, "Professional Training for Professionals" - April 25, 2014

by Jim Hartwell


The heart-pounding training to become Chopper 9 reporter - Feb. 13, 2013

by Penny Daflos


Transport Canada's Aviation Safety letter - Flight Operations Transport Canada 2009: The importance of underwater egress pre-flight briefings for passengers



How to Prepare for a Successful underwater egress

Aviation Web



Aircraft Water Egress Course, an Anti-Complacency Pill - December 1, 2012

by Amnon Govrin

Vancouver Sun Newspaper's "Broken Wings" series on Float Plane Safety,

Part IV: "In surviving a water crash, practice could make the difference"

June 4, 2010 by Larry Pynn



Rotor and Wing Magazine, "Offshore: A Driving Concern" - April 1, 2007,

by James Careless



Rotor and Wing Magazine,  "An Offshore Lifeline" - May 1, 2005, 

by Robert W. Moorman



EAA Sport Aviation Expert Panel, "Water, Water Everywhere" - November 2010, by Greg Laslo



Float plane review questioned by victim's widow - CBC News - June 01, 2010


Provincial Emergency Program/Civil Aviation Search and Rescue Association

PEP/CASARA Newsletter - April 2011








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